Tuesday, February 4, 2014

And, now, from the REAL family here...

Hello, everyone.
I am Smokey, AKA Smokey Cat.  I came here as a feral kitten.  I was brought into Mom's rescue by some nice ladies who were feeding my mother.  They said I was about 4 months old and a girl.  Well, Mom picked me up and was holding me, (I was spitting at her, MOL!!!) and she mentioned that her very first cat as a teenager was a smokey black longhaired male cat.  She looked closely at me and exclaimed that I WAS a male, and was probably only about 7 or 8 weeks old.
So, the rest is history.  Mom took me home and stuck me in her bedroom.  All those small dogs she has were running up to the babygate and barking and barking at me.  I hid under the bed and hissed at them.  The next morning Mom tried to catch me to take me back to the kennel.  I was smart, I kept hiding!!!
That night when Mom got home and let the dogs out I came out to see them.  This time they weren't barking as much so Mom opened the gate and let me out.  I immediately made friends with Ali, and then checked out all the others.  NO ONE bothered me, and I certainly didn't bother them, so all was well.
As I grew up, I still loved those dogs and when Mom took them down to the big field for a run I would follow along and play with them.  FUN!  Mom hates that I go outside, but so far, so good and I do stay away from that road and come home every single evening. 
Mom is happy that I live here now because now she has more mice in the house each Fall to catch.  You see, I find it totally MY JOB to bring them into the house when it gets cold outside.  You wouldn't want to be stuck outside in the Winter, right???  Neither do those mousies!!!!
I also bring in a few birds and butterflies, some bats now and again, and lots of frogs and toads.  Mom is thrilled with all the gifts I give her!!!  As for being the first kitten here, I must have been good cuz now there are FOUR of us cats here!!!
Well, nuff about me, I need to leave some room for some photos!!!!
 He may be bigger, but he respected my CLAWS
 I love to make Riley look into my eyes!!!
 A more sedate moment
 Run, Riley, RUN!!!
 In my "secret" hiding place...Harvey won't know what hit him, MOL!


  1. Crikey Smokey ... you are one real good looking cat. I'd sure like to play with you. I HATE that hissing you blokes do though. You wouldn't hiss at me, would you Smokey?? My Mum had a grey Persian cat when she was a little girl. That would have been in the olden days. She's very old but don't tell her I said that. She doesn't think she's old. Anyway her cat was called Smokey too. How funny is that? I can understand how you would have made friends with Ali first. She's pretty cute, aye??
    It's been nice meeting you, Smokey ... your photos are really good too. Say hello to Ali for me ...

  2. Hi Smokey! What a handsome fellow you are. It's a good thing Harvey doesn't have all of his male parts or your secret hide and attack would surely hurt him.

  3. Please to meet you Smokey. Wish my husband was not allergic I would love to have a cat like you.