Sunday, February 2, 2014

My turn, by Ali

I am Ali, I am a toy poodle and I am Mom's first poodle champion.  Like Toto, I also came from Kansas, but I already had a name so I didn't have to be from the Wizard, BOL.  Just for your information, Mom also had Timan and Dorothy, both from Kansas as well.

I am known as a bit of a prima dona, but I can also get down and dirty with the best of them!  When I was being shown I would not walk on wet grass, and count me out if it was raining!!!  Finally, the handler guy got smart and only entered me at indoor shows.  I finished my Championship on the Fourth of July!!!

Before I was a champion I had to pretty much live in a bubble so I wouldn't hurt my show coat.  Being white made it even worse.  When I was about ready to go to my first show silly Toto cornered me under Mom's desk and he ate ALL my hair off my neck and mane, right down to the skin.  Mom nearly killed him.  So did I cuz it took another whole year to grow it back!!!

After my championship my life changed dramatically.  Suddenly, I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted.  Do you know how great it is to roll in cool, wet mud on a hot Summer day??  How about sleeping in a warm waterbed on a cold Winter day?  I drive Mom crazy cuz I do not chose to get up in the morning and insist she leave me in the warm bed. 

But the best part was all the nice people that come to visit.  Most of Mom's friends are not real fans of Toy Poodles, they met Mom when she had all those real dogs...the labs and the German Shepherds.  Well, they come in and sit down and I go to work.  I dance around them. just tapping my feet on their knees, and I do a soft whine.  Mom tells me to stop, she reminds me that the person doesn't like us toys... that makes me work even harder.

Sure enough, pretty soon they pick me up and I climb up on their shoulder and work my magic.  When they get ready to leave, Mom has to frisk them because usually they have me hidden under their jackets!!!!

But, best of all was when Mom's niece spent the WHOLE Summer here.  She adopted ME, and I went everywhere with her...camping, work, kayaking, visiting, we did it all!  Kayaking was the best part, I had no idea how much fun that could be.  When Mom's niece left after her Summer here, she even took my son Tanner with her. 

I do have an issue, however.  My issue is that I gnaw holes in things.  I especially love to gnaw holes in pillows and comforters because then I can pull all the stuffing out!!!  Great fun!  But, I also gnaw holes in clothing like Mom's new jeans and expecially her nightgown, BOL!

Well, enough about me, here are some photos to introduce you to me:
 Me finishing my Championship
 Peeking out of the Kayak
 Playing at agility
 On an evening cruise in the kayak with Beanie
Me with my first son Tyson, who also is now a Champion


  1. Crikey, Ali ... I was waiting and waiting for your turn and now it's here. I don't know what to say ... I'm lost for words ... you are soooooooooo beautiful. I can't believe you like to gnaw stuff ..... ME TOO!!!!! How bad is that????? You wouldn't like to know how many beds I've destroyed. It's great fun, aye?????? All that stuffing. I like to eat Mum's clothes too. I'm not as rough on the clothes as I am on pillows and things though. I'm quite gentle but I do take them outside and hide them. Mum is always finding a nightie or T-shirt or something outside. Too funny, aye????
    Crikey that Toto needs a good talking to. Fancy eating all your beautiful hair. Just as well I wasn't there. I'd have given him something to think about if I was.
    I can just see you working your charm on all the visitors, Ali. That's another thing we have in common ... our soft little whine. I'm not a barker ... I find a soft little whine works wonders and it's much less noisy. I LOVE all your pictures Ali ..... I will look at them all the time. You are my little champion, Love, Charlie.

  2. Is there LOVE in the air between you and Charlie? And by the way, who pulled the stuffing out of my bed pillow on Valentines day? The next party I'm going to have to make sure my bedroom door is LOCKED!

    Please, please. please ask your momma to get rid of the crazy letter verifications they are too hard to read......